"I'm Making a Boy Band" is a multi-faceted project which manifests the process of making a K-POP (Korean pop) idol group featuring non-Korean band members. It consists of the documentation from auditioning to training the band members, which finally leads to releasing original songs as well as music videos, photos and fan merchandise. This project is an ongoing collective experience, research, experiment, film, as well as a business endeavor.

The aim of this project is not to criticize or idolize the K-POP phenomena but rather to illuminate and challenge the complex characteristics of the intersectionalities of gender, race, sexuality, spectacle, and political power. As a product of a postcolonial country, K-POP has managed to emerge as a global phenomenon through many captivating and poignant tactics.

"I'm Making a Boy Band" showcases a new type of hierarchy which is not often espoused by the K-POP genre, that of a female and Asian director. The framework created by “I’m Making A Boy Band” situates these politics at a personal level, which elucidates and mirrors those seen in society at a micro, macro and global scale.